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About the Business

Unveiling COC: Where Meat Lovers’ Dreams Come True

COC isn’t just another food venture; it’s a culinary masterpiece born from the passion of three dedicated food enthusiasts. Our journey began with a simple observation that resonates with all shawarma aficionados: too often, when indulging in this delectable treat at local shops, we find our wraps loaded with excessive cabbage and other vegetables.

Having traversed the globe in pursuit of shawarma perfection, we marveled at the distinctive regional variations, each infusing its unique array of veggies into this beloved dish. Yet, an unfulfilled craving lingered within us – a desire for a shawarma experience that celebrates meat in its purest form, unburdened by an excess of greens.

The Birth of COC – Chicken & Only Chicken

Driven by this culinary yearning, we embarked on a mission to create an establishment that offered shawarmas crafted exclusively from succulent meat, with no vegetables in sight. This vision culminated in the birth of COC, an acronym that encapsulates our dedication to pure indulgence: Chicken & Only Chicken.

At COC, we bring you the essence of shawarma in its truest form – a mouthwatering celebration of meat, devoid of distractions. But that’s not all. We’ve also introduced an unprecedented BBQ flavor that promises a taste sensation unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in India.

Why COC?

1. Pure Meat Paradise: At COC, we are unwavering in our commitment to deliver shawarmas that are bursting with the goodness of meat, and nothing else. No more overpowering veggies – just pure meaty bliss.

2. Global Inspiration: Our culinary journey took us around the world, inspiring us to create shawarmas that pay homage to the diverse flavors and styles we encountered in our travels.

3. BBQ Innovation: Prepare your taste buds for a BBQ experience that’s completely unique to COC, a tantalizing taste that has never been savored in India before.

COC: Redefining Shawarma Indulgence

Join us at COC for an unparalleled shawarma experience that will transport you to a world of meaty delight. COC is more than just a culinary venture; it’s a testament to our unwavering dedication to the art of indulgence, where every bite is a celebration of pure meat perfection.

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Additional Details

  • Investment RequiredINR 10000 - 50 K
  • Started Year2021
  • Area Required (sq.ft)300 - 450
  • Franchise Count10 to 20
  • Tax System InclusionYes
  • Comprehensive Franchise ManualsDetailed franchise manuals are available
  • Strategic Head Office SupportYes, offers head office guidance
  • Business training locationMain Outlet
  • Field Assistance OptionsField assistance is available
  • Agreement TemplateStandard business agreement is available
  • Business Term Duration5 Years
  • Franchise Renewal AvailabilityTerm is renewable