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About the Business

Unlock the Power of Mental Arithmetic with GCMAS – Your Path to Academic Excellence and Entrepreneurial Success!

At GCMAS, an ISO 9001-2008 certified institution proudly headquartered in Hyderabad, we are on a mission to provide exceptional education to educators, men and women seeking knowledge, and tuition centers. Our reputation precedes us as a distinguished ABACUS training institution committed to delivering quality education.

Our esteemed mental arithmetic program, nurtured and perfected by GCMAS, begins with the use of the ABACUS, a centuries-old calculation tool. Through our transformative training, students embark on a remarkable journey, ultimately gaining the ability to solve complex arithmetic calculations entirely within the realm of their own minds, free from the confines of physical instruments like calculators or ABACUS.

Benefits of GCMAS Mental Arithmetic System (M.A.S.) Course:

Enhanced Concentration: Students experience significant improvements in concentration, allowing them to focus on tasks with newfound precision.
Boosted Memory Power: Our program unlocks the full potential of memory, aiding students in retaining and recalling information more effectively.
Sharper Listening Skills: Students develop sharper listening abilities, a crucial skill in academic and real-world settings.
Heightened Analytical Skills: We cultivate analytical thinking, enabling students to approach problem-solving with clarity and confidence.
Unleashed Creativity and Imagination: Our program encourages creativity and imaginative thinking, nurturing well-rounded individuals.
Advanced Reading, Writing, and Learning Skills: We foster improvements in reading, writing, and overall learning capabilities.
Heightened Observation: Students develop heightened observation skills, crucial for absorbing information from their surroundings.
Boosted Self-Confidence: Our program empowers students with self-confidence, a key component of success in all aspects of life.
Enhanced Comprehension and Calculation Skills: Students experience significant enhancements in comprehension and calculation abilities.
This exceptional aptitude is wholly reliant on one’s mental processing capabilities. Our program’s primary goal is to stimulate both the right and left hemispheres of a child’s brain, paving the way for holistic brain development.

As we strive to expand our network, we are excited to extend our concept through various franchise opportunities, including Master franchises, Area/District franchises, Learning Center franchises, and partnerships with schools throughout India. We proudly offer franchises for our Mental Arithmetic Program, a comprehensive brain development and ABACUS training initiative, designed for children aged 6 to 14 years.

For those seeking a business opportunity characterized by low investment and high returns, look no further than GCMAS. Join us in shaping a brighter future through the power of mental arithmetic.

Contact us today and embark on your journey to success with GCMAS!

Warm Regards,


Additional Details

  • Investment RequiredINR 2 Lac - 5 Lac
  • Started Year2006
  • Area Required (sq.ft)N/A
  • Franchise Count55
  • Tax System InclusionN/A
  • Comprehensive Franchise ManualsDetailed franchise manuals are available
  • Strategic Head Office SupportYes, offers head office guidance
  • Business training locationDOOR STEP, ONLINE TRANING
  • Field Assistance OptionsN/A
  • Agreement TemplateStandard business agreement is available
  • Business Term Duration3 Years
  • Franchise Renewal AvailabilityTerm is renewable