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About the Business

Welcome to the Evolution of Tailoring with Fabbcut – Your Gateway to Innovation and Precision!

About Us:

Fabbcut is not just a tailoring company; it is a dynamic institute based in Salem that was established with a mission to simplify the lives of tailors while meeting the ever-evolving demands of customers. Our journey began as a conventional tailoring institute in the year 2001. During this time, we observed the struggles faced by tailors in fulfilling customer requirements and achieving customer satisfaction. The challenge stemmed from the difficulty of accurately capturing measurements and creating patterns that would yield precise results.

This is where innovation became our driving force. We introduced a pioneering method that involved taking measurements directly from the customer’s body and then applying precise formulas to craft patterns that delivered unparalleled accuracy. This marked our first major success.

Recognizing the passion of individuals interested in tailoring, we aimed to spread the knowledge we had acquired. To facilitate this, we launched the Tailoring Training DVD in 2010, making tailoring education easily accessible and affordable. Our DVDs are available in multiple languages, enabling a broader audience to learn the art of tailoring.

In 2013, we went a step further and introduced the Pattern Making Software, which streamlined the pattern designing process. This revolutionary software automatically generated patterns based on customer measurements, saving significant time and ensuring precision.

While the pattern design was simplified, we realized that the fabric cutting process remained complicated and time-consuming. To address this, in 2016, we introduced the Laser Cutting Machine, a game-changer in the tailoring industry. With the laser cutting machine, fabrics could be cut efficiently and accurately based on the pattern lines, eliminating the need for manual cutting.

The ever-evolving technological landscape inspired us to introduce the Tailoring Management Software in 2018. This comprehensive software enables tailoring businesses to manage every aspect of their operations, from customer orders to employee payroll, fostering a seamless and organized workflow.

Our Milestones:

Our journey has been marked by remarkable achievements, with over 900 software product users across India and 1,000 users benefiting from our Training DVD. Our dedicated employees, possessing strong technical knowledge, have played a pivotal role in our success. They work tirelessly to ensure a 48-hour turnaround time for any technical difficulties encountered by our customers.

Our Product Portfolio:

1. Tailoring Training DVD: The rapid growth of cities has made traveling a challenge, and tailoring institutes have faced a decline in enrollments due to travel constraints. To bridge this gap, we introduced our Training DVD, available in various regional languages, making tailoring education accessible even to those without a tailoring background.

2. Pattern Making Software: Traditional design manuals are becoming obsolete, given their inability to adapt to the latest trends and their wear and tear. Our pattern making software automates the process, drawing selected patterns and providing printed papers with both cutting and stitching lines, offering high design accuracy.

3. Laser Cutting Machine: The laser cutting machine eliminates the need for a skilled cutting master in your tailor shop. It efficiently and accurately cuts fabrics based on the pattern, reducing the time and effort required for traditional manual cutting.

4. Tailoring Management Software: This comprehensive web application manages all aspects of your tailor shop, from maintaining a customer database to order tracking and employee payroll. It ensures a seamless workflow and fosters customer trust.

Future Endeavors:

Our next major launch will be the Automatic Design Punching Software, a game-changer for embroidery designers. This software eliminates the need for manual punching of designs, automating the process and simplifying embroidery stitching on fabric.

We also plan to introduce single-head to multiple-head embroidery machines and semi-automatic sewing machines, establishing a one-stop solution for all tailoring needs.

Our Vision for Expansion:

After 15+ successful years, we have connected with over 1,500 clients. However, we recognize that our reach is limited, and we are unable to serve customers from every corner of the country. Many women entrepreneurs have successfully ventured into the garment industry, but the absence of local guidance for machines and software has hindered the conversion of demands into sales.

To overcome this limitation, we are actively seeking franchising partners on an area-wise basis. These area representatives will follow customers, enhance sales conversion rates, and provide assistance and guidance as required.

Are You Ready to Redefine Tailoring?

Join us in our mission to revolutionize the tailoring industry. If you have an interest in fashion designing or have completed a fashion designing course, this is your opportunity to shine. We welcome you to connect with us for franchising our products, with your interest being the primary criterion.

Key Benefits of Becoming a Franchise Partner:

1. The company will take care of office rents, expenses, and staff salaries for a specified duration.
2. Marketing and promotions will be managed by the company.
3. No prior experience is required; full training will be provided by the company.
4. You will receive ongoing support from the company.
5. The company will handle all service requirements in the franchise area.
6. Partners with stores in prime locations are welcome to our franchise project.

Fabbcut invites you to be a part of our journey and explore the exciting opportunities in the tailoring industry. Get in touch with us to

Additional Details

  • Investment RequiredINR 10 Lac - 20 Lac
  • Started Year2012
  • Area Required (sq.ft)500 - 1000
  • Franchise Count10
  • Tax System InclusionYes
  • Comprehensive Franchise ManualsDetailed franchise manuals are available
  • Strategic Head Office SupportYes, offers head office guidance
  • Business training locationAt customer place
  • Field Assistance OptionsField assistance is available
  • Agreement TemplateStandard business agreement is available
  • Business Term Duration5 Years
  • Franchise Renewal AvailabilityTerm is renewable