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About the Business

Welcome to our Career Guidance Assessment & Counseling Organization, dedicated to empowering young students during their formative years to make informed career decisions. Please find a sample report attached for your review, and we kindly request you to share this valuable resource with your contacts in schools and junior colleges.

Selecting the right career path can be a daunting task. The foundation for making this crucial decision begins with self-awareness and an evaluation of personal interests and values. Our comprehensive Career Assessment test serves as a vital tool in this process, helping students identify their strengths and areas for improvement. It empowers them to make well-informed and heartfelt career choices. By focusing on the following three key aspects of career assessment, students can chart a clearer path forward:

1. Interest: Discover Your Passions
– Interest encompasses the desire to explore and learn about specific areas, driven by curiosity and a genuine liking for particular activities.

2. Personality: Uncover Your True Self
– Personality traits and values shape who we are in various situations. Understanding your unique nature is essential for aligning your career with your authentic self.

3. Aptitude: Harness Your Innate Abilities
– Aptitude refers to your natural talents and skills, which can be further developed over time. It reflects your preferences and the skills you employ to pursue your interests.

In the world of marketing, we often hear the term ‘USP’ (Unique Selling Point). Remarkably, this concept can be applied to individuals as well. Each of us possesses distinct qualities and experiences that set us apart. These differences are a result of our upbringing and early values, making us unique and, therefore, our own USP. Understanding and embracing this uniqueness is pivotal. Without this self-awareness, one cannot leverage their strengths to their advantage or steer their life in the desired direction. While it may not be a superpower, it is undoubtedly a valuable asset that can help you create the fulfilling life you envision.

Our assessments are designed to assist students in uncovering their ‘uniqueness.’ This individuality is thoughtfully explained through detailed reports and is followed by personalized counseling sessions. We aim to guide students toward career options that harmoniously integrate their Interests, Aptitude, and Personality, setting them on a path to success and personal fulfillment.



Additional Details

  • Investment RequiredINR 50 K - 2 Lac
  • Started Year2011
  • Area Required (sq.ft)100 - 200
  • Franchise Count10
  • Tax System InclusionYes
  • Comprehensive Franchise ManualsDetailed franchise manuals are available
  • Strategic Head Office SupportYes, offers head office guidance
  • Business training locationOnline / Webinar
  • Field Assistance OptionsField assistance is available
  • Agreement TemplateStandard business agreement is available
  • Business Term Duration3-No of years Years
  • Franchise Renewal AvailabilityTerm is renewable