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About the Business

About Us:

Unveiling the Minds Behind Eduisfun

We are a collective of tech enthusiasts, boasting impressive backgrounds including alumni from esteemed institutions such as IIT and IIM, and professionals with experience at companies like EA Sports and Disney India. Together, we’ve come together to form Eduisfun, a platform with a vision to revolutionize the way we approach learning. Our mission is to infuse the joy of learning into education by leveraging the power of gaming. At Eduisfun, we firmly believe that every child is unique and deserves a tailored learning solution. Our goal is to provide an unparalleled, meticulously researched learning experience that aligns with the tech-savvy nature of today’s generation.

Why Choose Eduisfun?

In today’s digital age, the younger generation is inherently tech-savvy. They dedicate a significant portion of their time and energy to playing games. Traditional learning methods often fail to captivate their attention. To bridge this gap, we’ve introduced the concept of Play to Learn. We aim to make education not only appealing but also highly engaging for youngsters.

We’ve harnessed the captivating essence of video games, allowing students to remain engrossed in learning, effortlessly mastering complex subjects. Our approach makes it easy for students to grasp each topic within a short period. Students are equipped with our innovative edugames kit, which supports gamified learning throughout the academic year. We also help students enhance their academic performance by identifying areas of weakness and providing targeted remedial solutions. This transformative approach to learning is designed to shift students’ perceptions of studying in a positive and exciting direction.

What Eduisfun Brings to the Table

Eduisfun offers a wealth of high-quality educational content, catering to students from Class 1 to Class 10 across CBSE, ICSE, SSC, and Olympiad boards. Our offerings include:

1. Gamified Learning Slate/Kit: Our innovative edugames kit is a quest filled with mysteries, coins, challenges, and rewards.

2. Curriculum-Aligned Chapters: We infuse games into the curriculum to create a more engaging and enjoyable learning experience.

3. Adaptive Learning: Our program allows students to focus on mastering one concept at a time, unlocking their full potential.

4. Additional Resources: We provide revision notes, textbook solutions, question banks, multiple-choice questions, mentorship, homework assistance, multiplayer games for Olympiad preparation, and video lessons.

Eduisfun Franchise Opportunity

Eduisfun’s franchise program offers a platform for an enhanced gamified learning experience. Join us on this exciting journey, turn your dreams into reality, and grow with us as you achieve your entrepreneurial goals!

Additional Details

  • Investment RequiredINR 2 Lac - 5 Lac
  • Started Year2015
  • Area Required (sq.ft)N/A
  • Franchise Count20 - 50
  • Tax System InclusionYes
  • Comprehensive Franchise ManualsDetailed franchise manuals are available
  • Strategic Head Office SupportYes, offers head office guidance
  • Business training locationCall/Skype/Eduisfun Office (Mumbai)
  • Field Assistance OptionsField assistance is available
  • Agreement TemplateStandard business agreement is available
  • Business Term Duration2-No of years Years
  • Franchise Renewal AvailabilityTerm is renewable